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Most people today are registered with at least one social network, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. One of the most convenient ways of networking and staying in touch, you have probably given very little thought to the advantages and disadvantages of social media. The majority of users pay little attention to whether their use of these networks is helping them in their lives or whether it is actually hindering them, yet it is important to consider these issues in order to weigh up the effect that these sites can actually have on our lives today. Here, we look at the pros and cons of social networking to help you to see whether or not your use of these sites is beneficial or detrimental.

What are the Advantages of Social Networks?

Those who are fans of social networking would be able to put forward a persuasive case that there are many advantages of registering with these sites. Some of the greatest benefits include the following:

world linksLinks to the rest of the world – whoever you may be trying to find, be it an old school friend, an ex-partner or an old work colleague who has moved abroad, social media is the fastest and easiest way to re-establish that connection. Old friends can get back in touch, exchange information about each other's lives, share photographs and even chat in real time all over the internet. Social networking also allows users to make brand new friends and forge new business connections through friends and acquaintances of their existing friend network, and these connections are able to help users in a multitude of ways, from finding a life partner to acquiring a new job.

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Everyone is a product of their own experiences and upbringing, and so it makes sense that each of us will have our own opinions across all kinds of issues. While most of us acknowledge that it is these very differences between us that make the world an exciting and interesting place, these variances in our viewpoints can also lead to problems. It is essential for people to learn to be tolerant of diversity, and being open minded towards the lifestyles and beliefs of others has a major role to play in making the world a happier place.

Prejudice in Today's Modern World

Whereas in the past many people remained within their own communities, rarely if ever meeting anyone from outside their regular social circle, today the world has become a much smaller place. With the advent of low cost air travel paired with the power of the internet and the media, increasing numbers of people are now being brought into contact with cultures and people far beyond their realm of personal experience. This exposure to different religions, belief systems, lifestyles and languages can enrich our lives if we let it, however unfortunately some people fail to embrace this change and instead view it as a threat. It can be hard to be open minded when faced with things that we do not understand, but in order to be comfortable about the differences of others, we must first be comfortable in our own skins and accept ourselves for who we are. Sadly, those who are not able to do this mistrust those who do not conform to what they believe to be “the norm”. Those who have a different skin colour, sexuality or religion can be feared and it is this lack of understanding that can lead to unrest in communities and, on a worldwide scale, to warfare and terrorism.

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